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Hits Mobile Spain
Why choose Hits Mobile?
FREE calls to Hits Mobile users Free calls between Hits Mobile users
7 cents / minute calls in Spain 7 cents / minute to Spanish mobiles and fixed lines*
Cheap UK, Europe and International calls Cheap UK, Europe and International calls
Cheap calls in Spain mobile and land lines Cheap calls in Spain (mobiles and land lines)
Multi lingual support Multi lingual support department
Online account in your language Manage your account online in (English, Spanish, French, German or Arabic)
Auto credit top up Auto credit top up (never be without credit)
  If you are looking to visit Spain and need a Spanish mobile number we can arrange it before you arrive so that you can give your number to friends and family before you leave the UK. This will also mean as soon as you arrive in Spain you can start saving by calling at cheap local rates rather than paying expensive roaming charges etc. For this service your telephone must be open and accept sims from all providers.
  With Hits Mobile you get 1 hour of FREE calls every day to other Hits Mobile users, calls can be no longer than 5 minutes / call.